Every stroll is a discovery!

Whether you’re a tourist getting off a cruise ship, a trekker from Quebec or elsewhere, a newcomer eager to know about his neighborhood or a worker that must spend time in the metro or his car, the digital platform Anekdote is here to communicate all about the unique aspect of each city, big or small. Regardless if it’s through its history, heritage, businesses or activities, you will be able to immerse yourself fully in the uniqueness that brings them all together. With Anekdote, there’s no fixed trail to follow. You’re in control.

"Our mission : discover, in a pleasant, captivating and accessible way, the world around us!"



With Anekdote in hand, the most tedious of walks quickly becomes an adventure, allowing you to discover the local treasures surrounding you!



Each attraction managed by Anekdote offers you the possibility, if you so choose, to consult them via the history of the application!



Personalize your experience at any time by activating the different filters. Create a trip that reflects your interests and choose the language you prefer!

Discover businesses around you

Anekdote lets you find local businesses close to you. With Anekdote’s advanced GPS technology, each business owner can introduce their trade as well as an original business offer. With Anekdote, you will learn more about the history and heritage surrounding you, all while enjoying everything your environment can offer you. With Ankedote, nothing will get past you.


Anekdote can be used anywhere, anytime!

Anekdote will accompany you everywhere, whether during your daily jog, your route to work, a bike ride or your weekend away with friends.

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Discover the riches surrounding you!